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Welcome to the dark side...
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Welcome to the dark side...

Hello and welcome to Broken Boys!!!

This is a community created for those interested in the darker side of yaoi (male on male relationships of a sexual and/or romantic nature). If you're into things that freak other yaoi fans out, find your tastes often delve into the NC-17 area, or just enjoy something beyond flowers and bunnies- you've come to the right place.

Topics include, but are not limited to:


Though ALL will involve male on male relationships. Don't like it- start running now.

This is an 18 or older community for obvious reasons. The community content may not be appropriate for minors.

Fictions, art, discussions and anything of the sort are allowed here, as long as they have something to do with the topic.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a FICTION based community. No real life torture or anything of the like. Nothing illegal ok? Yaoi generally refers to anime characters. In other words, boys that are not real.

(*As was asked previously, photos are all right as long as they are OBVIOUSLY staged*)

Basic Rules:

* Put art and fictions behind an LJ-cut.

* Remember to warn about content. Just because there's an age restriction, doesn't mean all members will be comfortable with every situation.

* Stay on topic.

* No advertising unless previously given permission by the mod. (contact info at bottom of page)
note: This does not apply to requests, ie- for RPers, certain fics, websites, etc. Only when advertising a community or something similar.

* Be nice to each other!

If everyone stays active, the community will thrive. Participation makes all the difference!

All topics of a darker or unusual nature are welcome here, so try to keep an open mind- as well as respect for the other members that may not view things as you do.